24th January 2023

Bluey nominated for Kidscreen award!

Bluey by Ludo Studio has been nominated in the Best Pre-school Animated Series category of the 2023 Kidscreen Awards. The ceremony will be held in Miami on 14th February 2023.

4th January 2023

New Year message

It’s been 25 years since CelAction2D, our flagship product, was born! It's been a wild ride, we’ve been involved in some amazing projects, worked with extremely talented people, and made lifelong friends. We’re so grateful to everyone who has been on this journey with us.

So we asked ourselves, how best to celebrate our anniversary? We didn’t want to produce commemorative plastic trinkets that would end up in the trash or worse, in the oceans. The idea of a party in every country where we have clients sounded like a lot of fun, but when we added up the amount of travel involved, the carbon footprint was immense. No, something else was needed, that would reflect the state of the world today.

We want to give back. Give back to the animation industry, and give back to the planet. We want to help new voices be heard, we want to support animation in places that don’t have an established industry, and we want to cut our carbon emissions.

The first thing we’re going to do is cut our international travel to zero - no festivals, no events, no speculative sales calls. It will just be for 2023, because some events are still necessary in the long term, but we can take a year off without harming business too much. We will not let down our clients, though, and if a trip is absolutely necessary to help a project get across the finish line, we’ll do it, but we’ll use trains where possible instead of flying.

And if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any Press Releases about it, well, we’re not doing any. We’re only mentioning it here. This is about doing the right thing, not being seen to do the right thing.

We’re talking to important changemakers around the world to make our other objectives happen, so we’ll let you know when these initiatives are ready.

But the travel ban starts now. Maybe every company could take a year off? Who knows, we may even start a trend.

Oh, and on top of that, this is shaping up to be our biggest year ever, so get ready!

Happy New Year!

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