COVID-19 situation

CelAction offers free work-from-home software for students and professionals during COVID-19 crisis

London, United Kingdom (16th March 2020) - CelAction, the 2D animation software developer, announced today that any of their clients who require licences of CelAction2D software to work from home rather than at educational institutions or in a studio can get them free of charge until the end of their current project. All they need to do is contact their CelAction representative and it will be arranged as soon as possible.

In addition, Andy Blazdell, CEO of CelAction, made the following statement:

"Here at CelAction we've been helping our clients prepare to work from home for the past few weeks, quietly and without fanfare. Everyone who asked us for help has been helped, and this situation has been our highest priority. We didn't even think about publicising it, because our clients know they can talk to us about their needs and we always respond.

So it was with surprise and some disappointment that we saw other major software companies in our sector offer help in the form of at-home licences that were limited from 90 days to as low as 30 days. While we hope that the COVID-19 disruption doesn't last for months, nobody knows how long it will last. But what is certain is that the effects of shifting work to home will take time, cause stress, and have an ongoing impact on schedules.

Therefore we're calling on animation software vendors to allow their clients to work from home not for a set period of time, causing extra pressure as the clock ticks down, but to give people that freedom until the end of their projects that have been affected. For students, this means until the end of the school year. This is what we have offered our clients, so that there's one less thing for them to worry about in these challenging times.

In our judgement, it was the obvious and right thing to do. We sincerely hope others will follow our lead."

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