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CelAction Animatic features


  • Easy to learn
  • Fast to use
  • Use bitmap drawing tools for fastest results
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, on both 32 and 64-bit versions

  • Panels

  • Unlimited number of panels
  • Quick panel and scenes management
  • Panels merging and splitting
  • Custom notes area
  • Selected or global text formatting
  • Text import from external applications
  • Final Draft file import
  • Additional sketch notes

  • Drawing

  • Full set of drawing tools
  • Sketch area rotation
  • Presets for drawing tools and colours
  • Full support of graphic tablets
  • Traditional-look sketching
  • Selection tool to transform drawings
  • External images import
  • Photoshop documents import
  • Sketch symbols like arrows and text
  • Full layer management for sketches
  • Sketch view over timeline

  • Animation

  • Camera animation for each panel
  • Animation for each sketch layer
  • Curved motion path for animations
  • Ease in/ease out animation control
  • Real-time animatic preview window

  • Editing

  • Timeline for animatic and soundtrack
  • Transitions between subsequent shots
  • Multiple audio tracks with volume control
  • Audio scrubbing
  • Timecode offset value

  • Export

  • Export sketches as image files
  • Custom printing template layout
  • PDF format export
  • Animatic export in QuickTime, AVI & SWF
  • Custom-displayed information on animatic
  • Final Cut XML Interchange Format Export
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