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We've been using CelAction2D in various productions since 2003 and the underlying strengths of the software have always been quality, efficiency and robustness. Most recently we have employed it as the tool of choice for the series 'Fun with Claude' for RDF/Playhouse Disney. For this series we are using a vast amount of the software's features and it has enabled us to produce all the animation for the 52 episode series in-house, which we believe is evident in the high quality of the final output.

The team at CelAction are great to work with and are always at the end of the phone should we have any need for support or to request features for future updates to the package. Response is swift and helpful allowing us to contribute to the development of the software over the years; a testament to their commitment to the UK animation industry.

Ben Cawthorne - Head of R&D
Dinamo Productions

Without CelAction I would never have been able to make Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!, or The Secret Show. The positive effect this programme, and CelAction as a company have had on the British animation industry is huge, and impossible to downplay, however you look at it. I currently have two more shows in development with the program - and highly recommend it to anyone wondering how to maintain high quality production in these tricky times.

Tony Collingwood - Director
Collingwood O'Hare Productions

I've been working as animation director on the TV series Little Princess for over four years. We have a distinctive watercolour and ink look to our show, and the CelAction team rose to the challenge and developed innovative ways of doing things to achieve the result we were looking for in a cost-effective way. Our initial animators were almost entirely new to the software but with good teaching back up from CelAction we managed to build up a skill base extremely fast. We must have been doing something right as we are now nearing completion of series 3 and have also done two half hour specials. So many award winning TV series have used CelAction over recent years it is hard to imagine 2D animation in the UK surviving without it. So we must say a big thank you on behalf of the UK animation industry for keeping us all going!

Roger Mainwood - Director

King Rollo Films have used CelAction2D for the last five years. It is the perfect animation software for us; easy to use, reliable, and with a support response second to none.

Leo Nielson - Director
King Rollo Films

Our award-winning series, Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, have a workflow unique to our methods of production, so that we can tell the stories we want with no limitations. CelAction take a real interest in our projects, giving valuable input and support at every stage of the production process, working with our team to come up with customizations to CelAction2D that make a real difference. Throughout all the years we have worked with CelAction, they have consistently provided improvements and features to the software based on our needs, allowing us to continue creating without compromise.

Phil Davies - Producer
Astley Baker Davies Ltd.

Our experience in the animation industry to date had been in stop frame animation. When we recently started to develop a concept that wasn't suited to stop-frame, we set about looking at the different types of animation that were currently being broadcast on children's television. We particularly liked The Little Princess and Peppa Pig - both animated in CelAction2D, and a perfect style for our new project. I contacted CelAction to discuss their software and prices. It was clear right from the start that they were keen to work with us, even though we were relatively inexperienced producers with only one television series to our name - Summerton Mill, which was bought by CBeebies in 2004. I was expecting to be told that the software would cost thousands of pounds, but CelAction were evidently more keen to develop a long-term working relationship with us than to take our money and leave us to it. We struck a deal that would allow us to learn and use the software while developing our new show, for a very affordable price. Initial training was given on a one-to-one basis, and following a long and exciting day learning the basics of CelAction2D, I was up and running.

Once the foundations have been learned, CelAction2D is intuitive. As with all creative packages, there are numerous ways to achieve the same results. It's a bit like learning a language and then being able to say the same thing in different ways. Over the next few weeks, I found myself emailing CelAction on a regular basis, asking the best way to do certain things, and sometimes just to blow my own trumpet because I'd managed to impress myself with my new-found skills. They never tired of my questions. In fact, when I apologized for a particularly intensive bombardment of email enquiries, their reply was that my questions were important to them as they helped to show which elements of the software were the harder ones for a new devotee like myself to master, with ongoing development of the CelAction2D user manual in mind.

So, we give a five star rating to CelAction2D, and we're looking forward to going into full production with our first CelAction project.

Pete Bryden - Creator and Producer of Summerton Mill
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